Pros and Cons of Stair Carpet

Stair carpet has its advantages and disadvantages and if you are contemplating what to put on your stairs then it is worth considering how each factor affects you. Of course, you don’t have to put carpet on your stairs and can cover them with hard flooring material such as laminate wood flooring, ceramic tiles or hardwood if you like but both carpet and hard materials are best installed by professionals as stairs are not an easy area for a do it yourself installation job.

1. Why Stair Carpet is a Good Idea

The main advantage of installing carpet on stairs is that will significantly reduce the noise coming from those going up and down the stairs. If you have a family they can make quite enough noise without the constant clomping up and down.

You will also find that carpet gives more opportunity to make your stairs a welcoming place. The surface is softer and you can add warmth, color and texture with the carpet whereas other materials only offer a neutral, hard and cold surface.

2. Why Stair Carpet is Not Such a Good Idea

Stairs get a lot of wear and tear so unless you choose a very good quality carpet you will find that your carpet has to be replaced quite quickly. You will also find that the carpet attracts dirt and can be difficult to clean. Vacuuming the stairs is always awkward to say the least and shampooing the carpet will generally need a visit from a professional carpet cleaner whereas hard surfaces are easy to sweep and wash yourself. If carpeting on stairs is worn or not installed properly it can also be extremely hazardous as it can easily lead to tripping and falling.

On balance, in most cases stairs carpets are the best solution for homes (because of the noise issue) and hard materials for commercial premises (so that the stairs can be easily kept clean) however depending on your circumstances you might choose a different solution.

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