Top 5 Pros and Cons of Magnetic Paint

There are many unique uses for magnetic paint. However, before you decide to tackle your magnetic paint project take into consideration these top 5 pros and top 5 things to contemplate before starting. First off, what is magnetic paint? Magnetic paint is a paint that contains iron particles that can be applied as an under coat to make a surface that attracts magnets.

Top 5 good things about magnetic paint:

  1. Versatility! Make any surface attractive to magnets. Buying stronger magnets can allow you to hang items like pictures, posters, keys, etc.
  2. Paint-able! Magnetic paint is used as an under coat and can be painted any color. Your room design can still have the magnetic aspects without being restricted by the color pallet offered by the manufacture.
  3. Complimentary! Adds a unique aspect to your paint or room design. Many times used in conjunction with chalkboard paint in children’s rooms or play areas.
  4. Creativity! Adds a creative aspect to your child’s room.
  5. Fun! Fun for children in a play setting. In conjunction with chalkboard paint sparks fun play time with drawing and fun magnets like letters and animals.

Top 5 things to consider before using magnetic paint:

  1. Cost! Magnetic paint will run you 3 to 4 times the price of regular paint.
  2. Coverage! A little does not go a long way. It covers about half of what conventional paint would cover. Coats! Depending on the quality of the paint it may take several coats before getting the desired attractiveness.
  3. Magnets! May have to buy stronger magnets to hang pictures and other items.
  4. Textured! Depending on the quality of the paint it may have a slight texture to it.
  5. Magnetic paint is a near product and can add to you room design.

There are many creative uses for magnetic paint, I hope this has given you some things to think about before you decide to tackle your magnetic paint ideas.

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